Nov 18, 2009

Speed up the Colors

Work in progress. Latest colorful painting

And BTW, I miss colorful cars with hood ornaments...

If I was a car manufacture and my sales team told me that people these days want to be individuals, and want to show Individual trends, and bla bla bla!

I would make cars in colors, with ornamentation. As simple as that....

If the customer then came and said: Whaooo that´s a cool car - do you have it in navy blue or maybe black, and without the funny birdy thing on the hood.....
I would smile and tell them: I´m sorry my freind - We don´t sell cars! - we sell experiences. What you´r looking for - they´ll properly sell down the road - look for IKEA

Unfortunately most of the car industry, has gone the other way, and try to give people what people want.
If that´s the winning strategy I don´t know!

But I do know most people don´t know what they want - until they see it.
And people who knows what they want, normally don´t want the same as everybody else.

Simple as that! - Speed up the Colors and Bring back some Coolness please

From the sketchbook.

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