Dec 7, 2009

Arrival of the Canadian 1945 Gentleman

This Bike is something you don´t see that often in Copenhagen.

A close to original 1200 flathead from 1945. (211 examples made)

Congratulation to our friend Emil, who now is the proud, and third owner of this awesome hard to find, Fulldress Flathead.


  1. Congratulations it's the word !!! Ouah ouah ouah what a lucky guy. Is the bike ready to run ?

    Love your blog and stop here to read you.


  2. Thanks Olivia for you kind words, and following my Blog.Oach and yes! this is a awesome bike. The engien hasn´t been turned for more than 12 years. And the cabels art quite stiff. So Emil are going to inspect, brakes, engine (everything) repack, and chance only whats needed, before we fire it up. This spring properly. I´ll keep you posted, thats for sure. Cheers