Oct 2, 2010

The story of O´two-ten

It sound like a old saying - and maybe this is...

Sometimes small things makes large changes.

Like then I saw the date this morning! - my first thought was:
Whaooo - that that a nice date...
That will probably mean a lot of nice things to a lot of people.

So today I want to start this chainreaction.

Do something nice for somebody out there,  doesn ´t matter what,
or to whom. Just a nice small thing - Today.

Cause if we do - we ´ll end up that somebody will get married or something like that

And then - one day you hear this great story, and they tell you
IT Allllll started - O´two-ten...
You know, you probably have a very important part of it - but who knows.....

You know - you got it.



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