May 4, 2009

Visit 2 Los Angeles

Went to L.A a while ago - ohh my ohhhhhh myyy - go back, got to go back...They have all the parts we want, all the sun we need, and all the crappy foot we hate. Nice nice nice.

Sponsor Trucker from the guys at Foundrymoto they have so many cool parts, check there web. Oh my lord - take this rear lamp exc. Jezuz!
Joined the Great David Mann chopper fest in Ventura... Fuck you - heaven on earth. Check this. Painting & Bike setup - great harmony.....Sell your tele (its old fasioned anyway to watch that crap) I´ll make you a nice wall paint, and you bring the bike right in to the living room.

These tanks is from Sara Ray I spoke to, nice work, super detailed, perfect colored. American Kustom style, Cool with a twist of kitch

This stunning tank, was at display in the Glory store - I told them that I would be very careful, and it was no problem to bring such a fine little old painted Wosel tank with me in the handbagage to denmark... Yes - but No..... wish it was mine, big time...

If you ever are near 4659 Hollywood Blvd check out the store GLORY. store. Absolutly fantastico, we need stores like that in stead of all those boring Coffee shops, we have on every corner here in Cph.

This is from the Mooneyes meet. You can drive these Rod´s every day to school, work or shopping. They don´t use more gas than a Yaris, and they are all street legal...And you even do the colouring yourselv.

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