Jul 2, 2009

How to get a - Headz magazine???

Borrowed these cool and inspiring japanese Headz-magazin # 1,2 and 3.

Some of my friends bought them on a trip to Japan, and I have absolutely no clue how to get them, or where to find them here in europe??? If any of you readers out there knows! please drop me a line. The cover is familiar! Mr. blogspot Max Schaaf - 4qconditioning.

So if you see a magazine like this arround, check it out - it´s worth it.


  1. You need a friend in Japan! Ask Tomohiro at www.seven-c.jp He is awesome at finding anything you want over there, I buy parts from him quite a bit... He can arrange purchase and shipping for anything you want from yahoo auctions in Japan! Maybe he can help just to hook you up with a subscription?

  2. Hey Jambob. Thanks a lot, for the post. That´s perfect - i´ll ask Tomohiro.