Aug 28, 2009


Some people have it - others don´t.

The very special gift to see true beauty in old mechanical parts...

Now you have a unique possibility to discover if you have that ability!

Look very slowly, and concentrated at the 3 following pictures i´ve taken.

Now! - If you now stoped breating, and have a certain tickling feeling in your chest - You got it man! congratulation...

If not! - to bad for you.....

This is my new/old S&S 264 Two-Throat carburetor, for the Panhead.
It´s not just beautyfull, it´s a mechanical master piece of art...

I´m overwhelmed.

Thanks thanks thanks - George Smith and Mr. Stanley Stankos for making it back then, and a thanks to Mr. Thompson for sending it aaaallll the way from Florida...

What a Special gift....

Merry Christmas everybody.


  1. Cool piece of art indeed. If your friend out there in Florida, Mr Thompson still have more stuff like this and is still in "giveaway" mode I want to know him too.
    I need to get all my mechanical art gifts from Mr. e-bay and that may hurt my wallet sometimes.
    Anyone from Killer Bobbers going to Davenport next week?

  2. sure is a work of beauty.

  3. I got the gift :)

    And I got a carburetor myself as well! It's just so nice.. But not with a panhead manifold

  4. Thanks for all the comments. Sverre/ don´t think any Killer Bobber Boys can participate Davenport this year. Have a nice ride. Cheers