Oct 30, 2009

A Day worth Remembering....

So this Old guy calls me up, and tells me he a old friend of a friend of mine!...

He also tells me that he heard I do Paintings!

Ooooookay - I say, and ask him to visit my web page.
But no way - the old guy don´t use the internet... Then he shouts to me he want a portrait painting of his Wife and dog, that don´t live among us any more..

Oooookay right - I´m sorry to hear that! I say, - and I´m very sorry to disappoint you, but I don´t really do portrait paintings....
What do you do then he ask!
Well! I said, sometime I paint people, cars, bikes and other stuff that surrounds me.
Great! he says that´s what I want, I never seen one of your paintings, but it sounds like what I want.... I´ll send you the photo...

The photo!? Okay, I say, I´ll take a look, but I won´t promise you anything...

When I receive the photo, I see the old guy has taken a photo of his vintage bike with wife and dog in the sidecar, on a gas station a sunny day.

I think to myself - well okay! - This guy loves sunny days - his bike, his girl, his dog, and a tank full of gas... and that´s good in my book.

Honestly I think - it´s more or less, what it´s all about.
It doesn´t matter what kind of bike, nor how many wheels it has....

It´s about a great feeling - and a Day worth Remembering.

So I made him his painting.. And I hope it will bring back some good memories.


This David Mann illustration below, tells the same story i think...


  1. Awesome painting, great story (and super nice bicycle I see there too!)

  2. Hi there Bradshaw, appriciate it. Thanks

  3. Hi Cay !!
    This is a great story .. and i love the end ( your painting )! Thanks to share it with us !! This is the kind of story i appreciate !
    Thanks too for your new link : BlueJeanBlues69.Blog ! This blog is fucking kool! love it !