Oct 4, 2009


Diamonds are a girls best friend -

and a Garage, is a mans second home...

Finally! After almost a year without a permanent garage, I got a new place for all my bike parts and my 1949 Panhead. AAhhhhhh feels like coming home after a long journey.

I build my new worktable, shelf etc. from reused wood. The idea was to use only old, reused and free materials to give the "new" interior an old style atmosphere.

I already love this place - remember, the next 7 month we got a lot of rain, cold and darkness. So when you can´t go for a ride, you can go to the "Old" Garage and enjoy the smell of Diamonds and Oil...


  1. Hi Cay !! Very nice place for your Pan !
    Always lots of taste and good details !! I love your Art(of Life), Cay ! You're the master !! ;-)

  2. Thanks Josh, - It´s great to hear for you out there, You know - the difference lies in the details, no doubt! Maybe it takes a little longer to make, and maybe your´ll stay a little longer to enjoy it... And maybe even this financial crisis, will make people more opservant to those kind of details - I hope! cause the right detail happens to make things last longer... if you know that i mean.

  3. Very cool. You gave me some great idea's
    for my garage the rattle can rack is one
    of those great idea's.
    Thanks for photo's


  4. Hey Pat. I´m Glad to hear. The rattle can rack holder was actually an old wine rack.

  5. Hey Cay - Love the new garage! Looks like a great place to hang and get away from it all. Vermont license plate(pretty cool)? Your garage eminates warmth...

  6. Hey Bob. Thanks or your comment, appriciate it.