Nov 14, 2009

The Big 5 Safari

When you on a warm summer day want some inspiration for a new serie of 5 Mixed media pictures showing "The Big 5" (the 5 large African animals, popular among hunters once.)

- what do you do!?...

You also just bought a Land Rover because it´s summer and Karen Blixen and everything to do with safari, sun and dust is cool.

You take your new old Rover and join the 4x4 club an early Sunday morning on a military test driving area, 30 min. north of Copenhagen.

- The animals you had to imagien...

1:5 The great water Buffalo.

2:5 The Leopard.

3:5 The Elephant.

I made these mixed media pictures with watercolor, digital photo print and pencil on antique paper. All framed: size 30x20cm. All sold out unfortunately.

4:5 The Rhino

5:5 And the Lion..

Me and my Land Rover 88" County.
Great car if you live in Africa, but in Copenhagen it´s kind of out of it´s element.
But I had a fun summer, mostly hunting Jaguar XK´s..... There´s ONE - Go Go Go get it...

My atelier: African inspired work in progress.

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