Nov 29, 2009

A different point of view!

Like you, I was on the web the other day, scrolling all kind of cool Blogs. Then suddenly I hit the Saatchi Gallery book store, and before I know of it - klick, klick, buy... ups!

And then forget. - ZZZZZzzzzzzzz

Some days later the post man shows up with this package! My first thought - Interesting! a gift! from who! And when I opened, I realized the Happy Santa that buy books cause he like the cover - was me... Damn

Klick Klick Buy - can be risky and expencive, but this time I was more than lucky...

First thing - It´s not only the cover that´s cool - the back´s to...

And the stuff inside is even better -

Now -

I know if you a Bad Ass Biker - and everything goes to the bone! You probably think, Arrrrgh that Arty Farty Abstract Coffee´Table Book shit.... That´s not for people with oiled hands - but you´r wrong bruv..... check this out


And the Burn out result!
The artist Aaron Young even call this GREETING CARD. sweet!
Go out and practice the perfect greeting card in your neighbores drive way.

You can also make a "burn out angle" like this on your front or garage door... Eventually ask the neighbor again if they want to give a hand...
Also from Aaron. Title: The Young and The Driftless...

This super cool race crash painting is by Kristin Baker. Title: Big Bang Vroom

And this painting reminds me of a home made wiring diagram!
By Joanne Greenbaum Title: Table of contents.

Road Kill Charles Bronson painting is called Flood (red sea) well of cause!
By Barnaby Furnas

and this one would be great for a flake paint job on a 60th chopper tank.
Art by Eric & Heather Chanschatz

I´ll say, this Art book is worth a bikers table.

Abstract America: New Painting. From Saatchi Gallery


  1. For sure you're right Cay !! I thing that Kustom Kulture is made of several culture et of course Art Culture !! Few weeks ago, I've discovered on Youtube a video during this Aaron Young's "painting" ! Fucking kool ! I have in my library the Pop Art book which is under your new book and for sure, this Abstract America book could have a good place in my Santa's wishing list !

  2. and good news - the book isn´t that expencive! I´ll check the tube for more burn out. Cheers Josh