Nov 16, 2009

So much to do - So little time.

I disagree with folks that think Monday is the worst day in the week.

If they have that feeling, I´ll strongly suggest them to quit whatever they do on Monday´s...
- But I´ll agree, it´s probably the most difficult day to maintain concentration...

So, if you want to change your Mondays - do that on a Tuesday...

Got to find a place like this - some day....sweet!

Some day oh yeah, some day....

Back to work....


  1. So much to do - So little time !!
    I have exactly the same problem even if i've tried to sleep as less as possible !! ;-)
    Nice start for the painting !!

  2. Thanks Josh. I´v tried the same with the sleep. That doesn´t work at all...Then you´r just to tired to work - and to awake to sleep....And that makes everything even worse I think...Cheers

  3. It's was a joke with the sleep !! I know you're right !! Few year ago , I've tried but it failed !! Now I try to optimise my sparetime ! And it's not an easy thing with a two years kid !! ;-)
    Hasta luego !!

  4. I´m with you. Goodtimes and Sparetimes are always worth optimizing.