Jan 10, 2010

May the Best Man Win...

We know the Dakar Race is on these days.
This year from Argentina - Chile.

Absolutely one of the races love most

If I´ll join the mad men one day, it will be on a ol´ camel like this...

Or in this!

May the best man win...


As a bonus to this Post, Actionsoul made a commend and send a link to this 80th Paris-Dakar picture.

And 2 of them made it through the finish line... that´s the spirit, amazing.
And the hit rate is actually better, than 4 of the Bobber Boys on a Sunday ride...

- can you find anything with smaller wheels for this challenge!!!!!! Damn - there´s a long way to Dakar this way....

And why haven´t we seen any Hot Rods at the Rally - A Rod would also be a excellent choice for a dessert racer - you just need to modify it a little, like this sketch I made... But Hey! - you always have to, no matter what car you chose...rally or not.


  1. Since when is the fucking DAKAR race in South America? Is nothing sacred? This is one of my favorites as well. Nothing more manly than this, except maybe for Isle of Man.

  2. Some may consider that the african version of the Dakar was a rich boy game taking place on a poor continent. The fact is the south american avatar of this race generate a little less acrimony.
    Concerning the "Jules" Rolls-Royce, the car is actually a prototype wich has nothing to do with an english limo. The chassis frame is made of steel tubing ; the engine is a 360 hp Chevrolet set on a Toyota gearbox and 4x4 trans. The body was made in fiberglass. Abandonned in a garage since its return from Africa, the car has been restored in 2006 and is now racing vintage car rallies.

    See there for details : http://www.motorlegend.com/4x4/rolls-royce-paris-dakar-1981/6,12628.html

  3. Thanks Animus and VonSotan for your comments. Great story with the Fiber Kit Rolls and thanks for the link, cool.

  4. - and in the early 80's, 4 Vespa scooters participated. 2 actually made it through the whole race, finishing at number 282 and 302.
    Not bad for an Italian blow dryer ;)

    Here's a few online pics:

  5. Thanks for the follow Cae, big honour.

  6. My plesure, and keep up the cool artwork.