Apr 23, 2010


It´s not very often I go "hitech" on this Blog -
but with this small discovery its a go -

If you like snapping photos, I can only say the Hipstamatic
Camera App for iPhone, is great fun and entertainment.

It change your phone-camera, into a cheap old style plastic camera... how great!

A modern advanced, vintage feeling toy.

Flower Photo by Jonathan Fleming. He rights a little more about "how to" Hipstamatic HERE


Hipstamatic HERE

And the price! - 2$


  1. I have buy the app today, i became an artist for 1,79 € !

  2. Fantastic! I glad to hear,from now on theres is no such thing as a boring familly picture - it art now - and everybody will look cool ... Keep it up.

  3. Hello! Thanks for linking to my blog! Nice post!