May 27, 2010

Knuckel with a twist.

When you see this you properly think -

Nice Knuckelhead....

Nice color.

Absolutely - and if I tell you, the color is original 1939.
That makes it even better.

Not only is the hole bike 100% original, it also comes with original saddlebags,

Original Harley-Davidson Windscreen,

And a small box with some extra service parts - original of cause......
As always when you buy a well taken care of vintage bike.

If you think that's pretty awesome, then read this next letter carefully

Whaooo - and here's your receipt sir.

Come on! - this can´t be true.....

Ohh - did I forget, to tell you.

There´s some more -

An original sidecar, also in original color and 1939 air in the tire
follows this find.

And well of cause -

If you want the hole packet sent to your door, in the original Harley-Davidson delivery box.
No problem...

Box and bike has matching numbers, so there will be no misunderstanding.....
Thats real Service and Satisfaction.

Honestly! - I´v never seen anything like this sold together before...


The austion ended. may 30.

USD 101,699.00

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