Mar 31, 2011

The Villa Blomberg

My good Friend Lau (and owner of my old 45" Harley Bobber)
Has opened a Hostel called Villa Blomberg, in the south island area of Denmark.

The Hostel Villa Blomberg, was once a home for orphaned kids, around 1900 - 1950

The place has properly been filled with naughty kid who raised to be decent bikers, with helpful skills, and good drinking manners...

like the rest of us...

Lau Racing the Old 45" Bobber.

I Just had the privileged to hand paint this new road sign for Lau and The Villa Blomberg.

(One Shot paint on plywood)

If you visit Denmark in the summertime, the area is great for bike rides, and it´s some of the most beautiful classic Danish scenery we can offer.

If you drop by the Hostel, ask for Lau - tell him that you have a Bobber, or know someone who knows someone, ho has a Blog where you saw one!
Then I´m sure he will give you a room with a view.

More Villa Blomberg
Hostel: HERE

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