Jun 28, 2012

Buy, Sell & Trade - MOTORIOUS Cph

A couple of my KillerBobber, Bike Riding, Oil Drinking, Beer-can kicking Friends.
Has opened this cool little Buy, Sell & Trade shop in Copenhagen.
Your ´ll find old Bike Parts, some Denim, Tee´s, Shirts and Boots.

And YES... If you look carefully you will not only find Old Gold for your bike - you can also find this original Cay Broendum "HotRod" Painting for sale at the MOTORIOUS shop.

For those of you living in Copenhagen and read this Blog, you proberly already know this...
But for everybody els - Drop by some time...

I think it´s the first shop in Copenhagen that actually makes guys wanna go shopping...

 Owners: Lau and Kasper

 More Motorious HERE

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