Sep 20, 2012

The Bookkeeper

My good friend Mr. Lau came across a very old suitcase the other day, containing a bunch of old paper.

Luckily he remembered I was running out of the 1960th blueprint-paper that I´v been using for the mixed media illustrations.

So soon I ´ll be ready to introduced new artwork on old documents way back from the 1930th up to 1950.

The papers belong to a bookkeeper in Copenhagen, that unfortunately passed away in 1952 - so there ´s a lot of numbers, stamps and stuff on the papers....

They all tell stories of who owe who, and where did the money go!?!

Soon there will be some illustrations on them to.

The Old book keeper would properly never have thought,
that this note papers would be a part of an illustrated art-work one day... 

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