Aug 12, 2021 Webshop presents new artworks by Cay Broendum

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✨New Arowana Artwork ✨🎨available from the new webshop
Sizes and prices:
- A4 (21x30 cm) Dkk 450 / € 62
- A3 (30x42 cm) Dkk 750 / € 100
- A2 (42x60 cm) Dkk 1000 / € 135
- A1 (60x84 cm) Dkk 1250 / € 170

- The Asian Arowana, also known as the dragon fish / golden dragon, is believed to brings in good health, and good wealth. Due to its red and golden color and coin-like scales.
It´s considered a powerful symbol as a bringer of good luck and prosperity, the fish bestows great love, happiness, and personal power to its owner.

Painted in Copenhagen the old fashioned way with brushes and paint on canvas.
Size: H200 x W150 cm
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