Sep 22, 2009


This is the ROADSTER #3 (1 Speed bike), and the last in my bicycle "art" trilogy build.

This one is inspired from the Board Track Racers back in the early 1920th

I found pieces for this last bike all over the world. France, Italy, Germany, Denmark etc.
I restored everything, put it together, hand painted and polished it, so The ROADSTER bike would be 100% special..
The frame is a NOS Columbus frame 1980 (never been mounted before), Champagnolo 170 Strada 2 /Maffioletti vintage krank , Velocity deep V Rims, 700x28c Classic Panaracer on the back, Front tire: Continental Grand Prix 700x24c, short black stem, B17 narrow Brooks seat on a vintage NOS stronglight post, NOS Torpedo back hub mounted, NOS French Atom pedals Italian Gipiemme quick shifter etc.

This bike has not been on the street yet. But when the right buyer shows up, and pays the doe we´ll take it for a spin.

Why! - When this ROADSTER bike hits the street the first time - the NOS parts will not be 100% NOS anymore.... so this honor goes to the buyer....

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