Aug 25, 2010


This is my daily ride - now Aerospoke equipped!

The bike was created for 2 reasons:

First: Assemble a basic city bike that would take me fast
from A. to B.

Second: Make it look good.

Now: Mounting an Aerospoke isn´t the way if you like hi speed,
some cyclist will say! I agree, in some way.
Aeros ain´t ultra lightweigth spokes - But!!!

Even if it weight 16 Tons - It´s the most beautiful and well designed spoke.

And don´t underestimate the cool factor....

Half the time, my bike is standing against the wall.
And every time i look at the bike - now Aero equipped...

I feel like goin´for a ride - in the FAST LAINE..... Fast Fast
FASTER, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

Made a little spoke sticker

Maybe some of you readers will recognise where that inspiration came from....


Aerospoke site HERE

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