Oct 30, 2010

Copenhagen City of Bicycles

A new bicycle book has been launched.
Not only can we learn something, but it´s for sure a cool looking book...

Author: Cecilia Vanman and Photographer: Robin Maddock
are the creative force behind the new book. Copenhagen City of Bicycles

I can only say - It´s awesome, and I´m more than pleased to be a part of it.

A Quote from the book:

"As a member of the bourgeois society I am constained:
on my bicycle I am free.

As a citizen of Copenhagen I am a poor, landless creature paying taxes to cobblestones.
On my bicycle I am master of the entire country and knight of all highways and accessible field tracks."

-Vilhem Andersen, Danish writer, 1902

The colorfull book is a must have, if you like Bicycles
and have interest in the culture behind the world leading bicycle city Copenhagen.

If you like flower power girls on bikes - YES

Tool and workshops - YES YES

Custom custom custom - Hell Yeah YES....

Snaps´from the Book

I can only recommend it.

(The book´s with English and danish text.)

More about the book HERE
Buy the book HERE


  1. The world leading bicycle city Copenhagen? Have you ever been in Amsterdam (555.000 bicycles and 215.000 cars).. Or Holland: over 18 million bicycles!! By the way, COOL book!

  2. can´t tell the ammoun in Cph no one knows for sure. But 400,000 bicycles are scrapped every year in this country. Danes buy, on average, 500,000 new bicycles every year.

  3. That's quite a lot.. Just another (fun) statistic: Stolen bicycles in Holland last year: 750,000-1,2 million.. with a population of 16,6 million.