Mar 16, 2011

Acid & The Party ain´t Overland.

Lets call it a Flash-back!

A month ago I illustrated this "Flash" just for the fun of it.
Inspired from different tattoo symbols.

I thought it would be nice to see it in some colors.
But instead of using my markers as in my DEMETER Flash #3
I thought - Hey! what´s wrong with my old favorite tools -
Oil & Acrylic on canvas. I haven´t been using those for a while.

Work i progress.

Size (200 x 150 cm) Of cause - no more on less....

Here we go! -

Flash #7 now transformed into my latest large scale Oil & Acrylic painting called: Acid & The Party ain´t Overland...

Just finished today, so the smell of fresh paint is still all over the studio.

Just love it - Aaaaahhhhhhhh

But one thing!

This will unfortunately not be my standard way of testing colors for new flash-illustrations....
I have a "Flying Tattoo Circus" that I gotta get on the road ASAP.

And you see, painting is like wrenching on old motor bikes -
hours and days just disappear.


But isn´t that what called having fun!



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