Apr 27, 2011

Toast, Egg and a Laugh

Easter in The Garage Club:

A creative day in the garage can starts like this.

Bring all kind of paint! - you never know what surface you will work on...

Make a stencil.

Transfer the stencil, paint over.

You can write the Garage Club name like I did here, or a poem!
- or maybe just write a note that says Hey You - Cool bike...

Wait for the paint to dry -

Another creative activity this Easter was these Garage Club tattoos I made.

Same procedure as the lettering:

Make a stencil -"glue" on - fill in colors.
A electric tattoo-machine is recommended for this job...

Actually these are the first to tattoos I made with Colors.

And after a good days work -

have a toast, an egg and a laugh.


  1. Hey Cay
    Looking good all your drawings :-)
    Hvoew do you transfer the stencil to the item, that you want to paint?

    Regards Bjørn

  2. Hey Bjørn.

    1)Draw the logo/text you want on a piece of paper or take something from a book i size 1:1. 2) Put som transparent "trace/sketch" paper (baking paper) over the logo and draw/copy it. 3) take a soft pencil (3B) and sketch roughly all over the backside of the logo line. 4) cut the logo out (like on foto) take some tape and mount the trace paper with the logo where you want to paint it (see eks. on foto again) 5) take a hard Pencil (3H) and draw up the line on the logo. When you draw the line with the hard pencil the soft lead from the 3B pencil on the back will be "traced" to the surface.(almost any surface will work) 6. remove paper and you have a lead guideline for your paint job.

    Hope it make sence!


  3. And Bjørn

    If you look at the read KillerBobbers logo on the oil tank in the post, you can se a "shiny" silver outline. That´s the traced lead. When the paint is dry, you take a paper town with some wather and soape and wash off the lead line. Then the paint will stand sharp.

  4. Hi Cay
    Thanks for the description. I will try it, at hopefully it will work for me :-)

    Regards Bjørn