Jun 3, 2012

New Artwork / Mixed Media by Cay

Some new Mixed Media have seen dawn of day.

Here in Europe Rolex upgraded all there prices 10% this Friday!

Wupti - from one day to another,  all watch models old as new - 10% more expensive...

I must say I admire Rolex.
So few companies in the world can get away with that, without loosing customers... And they do it every year.

But hey - I think Rolex have a good point.
If You Don´t Buy Now! - It will only get more Expensive...

Brilliant idea :-) from today  i´ll follow Rolex revaluations...
Congratulations to all of you who already have bought a Cay Brøndum Art Work. Your "investment" has just raised 10%...

To all of you who think of buying a new Cay Brøndum Art Work - hurry up... Before you know of it, the price is 10% up again....

MoonWalk - - Omega Speedmaster moonwatch.


Steve McQueen - Sebring - Rolex 5513


 007 - Submariner 6538


Footstep - Omega Speedmaster moonwatch
Contact Sales at: cay@caybroendum.com

4 $ALE - $650 or €520

All Mixed Media are: Ink, watercolor and print on old paper.
Size. 29x21 cm / 11,5x8,2 Inch

Incl. a Black Frame / without Frame 10% discount

$650 or €520

All costs, being customs, VAT or other payment due to import,
including fees to courier, are to be covered by the buyer.

More Mixed media HERE

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