Aug 24, 2013

Go Down and See - PANERAI

 New PANERAI artworks by Cay.

These 2 artworks are quite special - It´s my first Panerai Historic Horological Art. Numbered. #1 and #2

For Purchase and more info. click HERE

ref. 3646 Kampfschwimmer

ref. 3646 California Dial.

Differently from my ROLEX-artwork, the frames are this time made in Italy. These frames are heavier and larger than normal to support the look of the PANERAI

I have created some special leather straps mounted on the sides of the frame, comparable to the Panerai straps.


close up of the Calif. dial by Cay

The PANERAI artworks are painted in the Copenhagen Studio.

Delivery WW.

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