Jan 30, 2017

Faites vos Jeux: Aluminium Artwork by Cay Broendum

Faites vos Jeux
The Faites vos Jeux Artwork is a Large scale painting by Danish artist Cay Broendum
The Original painting is made with Acrylic and oil on canvas. And the total Size without frame is H200 x W150 cm

To see available paintings please visit the official web here: CayBroendum.com

 Today the artwork has been recreated in a much smaller size and in another material.

We call it Aluminium prints.

 Faites vos Jeux

Aluminium Print Signed by Cay Broendum.
Created from Original Painting by Cay Broendum.

Size: 24x31cm / 9,5x12,2 Inch.
Printed on (3 mm / 0,4 Inch) Aluminium plates in Denmark.

See HERE for avalibility.

 More Aluminium Artworks will be available - Stay Tuned or follow on Instagram.

IG: cay_broendum_com HERE


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