Jun 2, 2017

Ranchito Canvas ArtPrint by Cay Broendum Copenhagen

 Ladies and Gentlemen - This new artworks might seem like a small step for mankind, but to me this is a giant leap...

This is the first 2 Canvas ArtPrint I have ever made from my Largescale paintings.
(1991 - pressent 2017)

(Original Ranchito Painting by Cay Broendum 2017)

The Colors are just great, the canvas material likewise. Both looks fantastic framed like traditional canvas, on a back wooden frame. Or in a frame with glass.

Ranchito Canvas Green Ltd.edt. no.1/100

Ranchito Canvas Blue Ltd.edt. no.1/25 

This gives me a great oppoyunity to reach all of you over seas.
These babyes are of cause signed, numbered and shipped in tubes.
Easy to handle,  faster to send and the pricees are in a hole other ball game, than a large scale Painting.


More on the official site: https://www.caybroendum.com/art/index.php?page=143

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