Nov 24, 2021

The Digital Artshow! Dove Art 21 by Cay Broendum


Undoubtedly the @DoveArt21 "artwork" is far from my traditionel paintings 🎨 But the 21 Rock Doves has some of the same colors I used in last painting when you see them all together. All 21 Doves# are up for sale, but most important this artistic experiment is more a eye opner to the new coming era of art in a digital invoiment. Enjoy! /Cay #caybroendumartwork #doveart21 #digitalart #metaart

When you purchase a Digital Dove#, you will be tagged on the chosen Dove# pict. to show you engagement and ownership of that Dove#.

You will receive the chosen Dove# as jpeg. in you DM.
As. You can only buy one Dove#, take good care of it.

Now you can freely use the Dove as a Profile picture, screensaver, etc. on any digital device as you like.
Or just share the picture with others. And show them what you now own a piece of all digital art.

The Dove Art 21 Gallery profile will stay unchanged as a digital artwork on IG as long as possible.
On #DoveArt21 you can always display and view you tagged Dove

Hope you will like this first attempt and experiment to an all digital and involving artistic experience.

Just for the fun of it. And as option to discuss new ways to see and explorer art - what is digital art - and what will we pick in the future.



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