May 4, 2009

Gastank paint by Cay

I do a lot of lettering and striping for my good friends at Wrenchmonkees

Experiments with my new 0000 mac wizard brush.

My 1949 Panhead Bobber as it looks today.

When I put a Keihin CV cab on my bike i wanted a Oldstyle logo on it. Unfortunately there don´t exist a cool oldstyle logo so i made this up. This is painted with help from a Mac cut folio. that´s why it looks to much like a sticker....

Caltex and STP logo hand painted. Painted with hand cut folio (air brush) and Motip spray paint.

I painted this Gold and sand, with a home invented orange scallop. The Edelbrock Equipped and Caltex logo was hand painted. No sticker no folio.. Old school style

My Panhead waiting for new colors.

This 3,5 gallon tank I rattelcan painted and pinstriped. The green logo was hand cut in folio and painted on.

I rattelcan painted most of this 3,5 gallon, but also a little pinstriping on the scallops and a 24 carat gold logo was added under the 5 layers of clear coat. All hand made.

One more tank I made in Old style look. 1930 Bird graphic on a 3,5 gallon.

This tank i´v painted, patinated and made it rust, before it got a layer of wax. The tank was new.

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  1. Particularly love the cropping of the last picture: "Hotel Skod" Hehe. :-)