May 22, 2009


How Fun! - Just realized that my old skateboard hero Stevie Caballero is making Hot Rod and Bike art these days...I actually still have this old Powell "Tail Cut" Caballero standing as a "art pice" in my hall way. The board is from my Skating Hay-Days in the late 80´s.. .Only god knows why, I painted Zebra stripes over the cool Cab dragon graphic...dam... But Hey! Zebra´s was properly hot back then... The board is equipped with NOS Tracker Trucks, and purpel Street Bones Cubes...uuhhhh sweet 80´s

Here´s the Caballero picture i "bloged" into. Check out his stuff - Here.

1 comment:

  1. Ahh, ye'olde Steve Caballero deck - my first pro deck; no tail, no concave, flat as a randy teenage girl ;)