Jul 14, 2009

a MARTINI - and a Rising Sun, please...

A couple a years ago I went with my good freind Adam, to Östereich on a Jeep camp. From Copenhagen to Faak am See, we passed the small city of Gemund where Ferdinad Porsche had his first small work i a old wooden garage. The garage is still open once i a while. Among all kind of Porsche speacialities, I only took photos of this awesome MARTINI painted 911 Porsche

Immediately I knew I had to paint something like that someday .

Unfortunately i don´t have the doe to buy a Porsche. So I took a old 10" Lucero Skateboard deck i´v had forever.

Repainted white, and masking tape.

Paint: Orange, light coral blue, and dark metallic Navy

As I was painting the deck, I remembered a old Porsche-Martini adverticement from the 70´s saying:

There are leaders and there are followers.
Life is really quite simple, isn´t it?

Always liked that line. Life is really quite simple, if you think that way - isn´t it?

(Had the Porsche Martini ad in my sketchbook for years, knowing that I wanted to use the text one day.)

Then I just had to find the right parts for the skateboard - and what better to visit Sean Goff ebay store as Sean rights:

I´ve been skating since ´76. Naver gave up. I now do this ebay shop full time, ( except when I´m away skating). I´m a skateboarder...... For life...

That´s the spirit...

And Sean got the parts, a lot of rare NOS. Thanks Sean

Sims the wheel ( NOS )

Original Tracker copers 1980

Original Tracker trucks 1980

Fast shipping from UK, good price - highly recommended.


This is what project skateboard ended up with - hope you like it!

A MARTINI - and a Rising Sun, please...