Jul 10, 2009

More Celebs on Panheads

Everybody knows that Celebs & Stars ride Harley´s. No doubt.

Now we see Mr. Brad Pitt has finally seen the light. A Customized Harley-Davidson Panhead.

Welcome 2 the club Brad....Welcome home kid...

And my deepest respect goes to the creative Master Bike-builder and Artist - Shinya Kimura Nice work.

What a showroom! - some day - some day - ohhh yeahhhhhh...


  1. Shinya Kimura-----RULER

    Pitt has an Indian Larry Legacy bike, too. Pretty cool way to spend your days, banging hot broads, riding hot scoots, rolling around nude in hundred dollar bills. Pretty average day for guys like us, right.

    Great blog...Great artwork. I saw your lamp somewhere a while back.

  2. That´s the way! If Mr.Pitt continuous that way he´ll end up on the All-time hero list...

  3. Another thing - I think Pitt´s dad was a Trucker for a living..so it isn´t old money - thats cool 2!