Dec 3, 2010

Good Ol´Hand Made

By coincidences I found some of my many old folders filled with
sketches and drawings.
I remember how my Spare Time before the computer was all about making cool drawings, and skateboarding...

Maybe it´s a shame that I havn´t been drawing for fun like this the last ten years or more.....

This is some of the stuff I made back then.

Maybe I should close my computer
and start to hand draw some stuff again -

Maybe i should try to find someone who could learn me how to tattoo....


  1. MAYBE?? MAYBE????

    Jesus....unplug that PC and go draw!!! (Then plug it back in and post it to your blog so I can see!)

    That is amazing!!!

    Wish I could do that.


  2. That's what we did here at Glorybound tattoo. It's a lost art.

  3. Wow! Cay, that´s serious stuff! I couldn´t do that to save my life....
    Carry on!


  4. Thats fucking impressive Cay!!!
    Wanna see more of it.

  5. Cay, can I book a time for a tattoo now ?

  6. another reason why computers are evil! get back into your art. it's beautiful work!!