Jun 22, 2009

Colors or Black/White

After the PininFarina Post, I just thought how important it is that you do something you good at. Imagine that a pity it would have been if PininFarina haven´t given us those Beautiful, elegant and functional cars! So again! go ahead, do it - but a WARNING: if you don´t a the slightest clue about color matching please be careful, wrong color sync can cause headache to you and others, it may harm your surroundings and do a lot of damage to.

So, In doubt! - don´t....
Contact professionals....or use black or white...

Cay after finishing painting Chinese New Year

BTW: Thanks for the comment Actionsoul

People ask - that is it with those colored glasses! -
I can only say, I have these L.A eyeworks in all different colors, and why!
I´ll tell you.
Sometimes you not the master of choosing and setting the colors. Sometime you are invited to places with all white walls, white funiture, and minimalistic white tiny deco stuff. White, white, clean, clean, and clean. ZZZZZZZzzzzz that´s so boring. BUT HEY! then you pull out your colored shades and they helps you through the night...



  1. So that's why you're wearing yellow tinted glasses ;)

  2. Hey my friend, yellow or even better Orange tinted glasses give you eyes a super contrast boost. Try it, everything looks better on a rainy day. Yellow´s are for us hunters and drivers.. and orange are normally for older people with a week sight. My recommendation is Orange, it´s trips green totally...