Jun 22, 2009

PininFarina All-Time hero

Some of you know what i´m talking about. When you see a car, and you suddenly have that OHH MY feeling... Your eyes are glued to the shapes and colors, and time stands still.
After a while when you start breeding again, and blood runs to the head, you think - I must have one of those, otherwise I´ll never sleep again... But in real life only a very few of us have one of those cars. So to make you sleep again, I can tell you, that those who have them, don´t really "have" them. They just take care of them - for a while....

PininFarina was capable to create and combine cars and colors, that gives us that amazing feeling. No matter of age, bagground or skin color. Thats why he´s deffenatly a ALL-TIME HERO..

Quote: PininFarina
It´s a matter of taste, a matter of proportion, a matter of good sence, a matter of harmony, a matter of balance between colours - something you have in your heart. Quote: PininFarina.

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