Jul 30, 2009

Good taste & A Dragracing kid

A visit to my good friend Kasper Feldt ended up with something totally different as always!.

The set-up was a good lunch and a business talk about, bla bla bla, cars, bikes and chicks...Kasper is former set designer that today builds the most spectacular houses and interior in Copenhagen. If you have any interest in stuff like that check out Stil-Art.dk

How needs food! - Take a nap in Kaspers kitchen - Wake up - jump in the 356 - accelerate.. PS: Remember to open kitchen door...

Suddenly Kasper shows up with his little sons new "push" bike - and no doubt, that toy didn´t look cool in a super cool house, with cool stuff and white floors -

what to do!?!....

Custom Hell yeah! - in no time I repainted the push-bike, and added some freehand illustration, that probably will make the Kid will go baserk.... You asked for it Kasper....

- A BEAR and A SHOT...
Alfred´s new ride - the A´s BOMBER..

Machinegun helmet - Duck and cover...


  1. Wow, what a house. I love your blog. G

  2. Hey G.I thanks for your comment. Appreciate it

  3. Nice ride and sweet graphics! As always on this blog=) Whats up with the milk?
    /Martin Kbh Ö

  4. Thank´s Martin, good to hear. If you notice the illustration I made on the kids helmet, it´s a teddy bear and a 1/4 L milk. The text say: A BEAR and A SHOT....

  5. Ah I see. A shot of milk - down the drain - and ready for the road! This kid will definitely be 2cool4school =)
    Rock on!

  6. I recall that brilliant house from an article in a local design magazine, loved it then, still do now!
    Great bike, that'll be one tough tot.