May 5, 2023

Mercedes-Benz roadster SSK "Marked" painting by Cay Broendum

 Mercedes-Benz roadster SSK "Marked"

New painting by Cay Broendum. More on official website


Mercedes-Benz 1928 roadster SSK (Super Sport Kurz / Super Sport Short)
The SSK´s extreme performance and numerous competitive successes made it one of the most regarded sports cars of its era.
The SSK was the last car designed for Mercedes-Benz by Ferdinand Porsche before he left to found his own company.

Painted in Copenhagen by Cay Broendum the old fashioned way with brushes and paint on canvas.
Size: H200 x W150 cm


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Thanks to @1988keith for great inspiration. And same to @mercedesbenzmuseum @mercedesbenz_cph

Feb 14, 2023

Historic Horological Art / Original Pencil Drawings by Cay Broendum

Original Pencil drwaings by Cay Broendum. For availability see official website.

Size ca. 30x20 cm


Feb 3, 2023

PorPorsche Tic Tac ( Mint Condition ) Painting by Cay Broendum

PorPorsche Tic Tac ( Mint Condition ) Painting by Cay Broendum 2023


Inspiredby Luftgekühlt 4: A Celebration Of The Air-Cooled Porsche.  Los Angeles 2019.



Dec 26, 2022

New Painting by Cay Broendum - MockUp 1


New painting (Mockup 1)

inspiration from @simonkidston and @kidstonmotorcars padova show and snapshots. 🙏

Paint and brushes on canvas. 200x150cm painted in Copenhagen

Availability etc. visit

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