May 30, 2010


The good Mr. James was so FRANK to call my bike, a kind of Frankenstein...
Refer to all the second hand parts I used for the creation.

Now I´ll be Frank with you! - that name gave me an idea.

So well then! - Gothic Romantic Monster of fiction......

RISE - RISE Panhead Rise......


First I draw the face, then I cut out a stencil in cardboard.

and then - spray spray spray

(Oil tank on my Panhead)

May 27, 2010

Knuckel with a twist.

When you see this you properly think -

Nice Knuckelhead....

Nice color.

Absolutely - and if I tell you, the color is original 1939.
That makes it even better.

Not only is the hole bike 100% original, it also comes with original saddlebags,

Original Harley-Davidson Windscreen,

And a small box with some extra service parts - original of cause......
As always when you buy a well taken care of vintage bike.

If you think that's pretty awesome, then read this next letter carefully

Whaooo - and here's your receipt sir.

Come on! - this can´t be true.....

Ohh - did I forget, to tell you.

There´s some more -

An original sidecar, also in original color and 1939 air in the tire
follows this find.

And well of cause -

If you want the hole packet sent to your door, in the original Harley-Davidson delivery box.
No problem...

Box and bike has matching numbers, so there will be no misunderstanding.....
Thats real Service and Satisfaction.

Honestly! - I´v never seen anything like this sold together before...


The austion ended. may 30.

USD 101,699.00

May 24, 2010


Listen to me, said the prophet...

Can I play with madness - the prophet stared at his crystal ball
Can I play with madness - there's no vision there at all
Can I play with madness - the prophet looked and he laughed at me
Can I play with madness - he said you're blind too blind to see

(Lyrisc by Iron Maiden)

(Pics. from my sketchbook etc.)

May 22, 2010

The Representative

Our god friend Dr. Nielsen will represent Denmark
(the land of the Happy people - according USAtoday)

Dr. Nielsen will fly this cracker over the salt lake at Bonneville

unless something come in his way - or something blow up.....

Dr. Nielsen -

We are behind you -



I had the pleasure, to make the T-shirt graphic for the Pre-Evo-Party
in Germany this years.

Good luck with the event down there, and to everyone who´s going to the Party -
Don´t forget to pick up one of those shirt!

for all others -

Gerry from made these shops especially for you who can´t come this year:
Shop Germany: HERE

May 14, 2010

We Conquer

A plane with balcony! - I taste cold Gin Tonic´s, and crispy olives...

And it even comes with a little "tender" Rover... Fun

African painting by Cay. size 190x120 cm. oil and acrylic on canvas. 2001

I wrote on the painting, back then:

Equipped with a child's mind - and a mans courage. We conquer....

I love Changes!

I once heard someone say, Don´t change a winning team!

To that - I can only say, I totally disagree.....
If you don´t move forward, - your´ll be left behind....

My 1949 Harley-Davidson Panhead Bobber

The 2010 Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight Bobber

Now! - when you look at the to bikes above, you properly think
is that really 61 years of hard work...

Yes it is - and it´s even very very good indeed. I my eyes the best of to worlds, and that's what we need.

The historical good looking bobber - and modern motorcycle functionality..

Great work H-D ***** We got a winner.


If I wasn´t the Do it yourself Garage, kind of type - I would go for the new Sportster for sure.


My good freind Lau droped by the Garage to show me a
new "old" gas tank for his FRISCO style triumph.

I immediately say - Hey man! why don't we paint something on that!?....

I showed Lau some rattlecans in Blue, Orange & Yellow, as an example.

Lau´s respond:/ - Cool! those colors reminds me of something from back then - when I was i Kid.. - you know! - toy cars etc.

I:/ like Hot Wheels?

Lau:/ FOR SURE - Hot Wheels it is - let´s paint it...

I:/ Sure - Shake shake shake the rattlecans.

Lau:/ I´ll go grap some beers......

Spray spray spray

Masking tape on - Masking tape off

Spray spray spray - always remember mask and good ventilation....

Hot Wheels Logo in 0.0005 sec - thanks our online phones.
- and then a Beer..

Quick sketches - and a beer more...

Hand painted Hot Wheel logo ( One shot paint)

A couple of hours later -

Done! -

and THEN a beeeer.....

Fun evning for sure, 100% Garage Made.