Jan 30, 2018

"Point In Time" First Painting 2018 by Cay Broendum

First layer of sketch paint for the First and new painting "Point in Time" 2018 by Cay Broendum
This is not the real painting - yet... Only guide lines of paint that will be under the real painting. 

Process / work in progress by Cay Broendum "Point in Time" 

attached belowsome of my inspiration. Let's have some fun ;)))

Jan 12, 2018

The Flamingo - Let´s turn the lights on...

 Let's turn the lights on!

NEW painting 2018 by Cay Broendum - the Flamingo  (no.2 in a series of 3)
Oil and acrylic on Canvas 200x150 cm.
Painted in Copenhagen by Cay Broendum.

 There will be Limited ArtPrints available later this year.

Some inspiration ( manipulated photo / inspirational collage )