Jan 31, 2010


And a VERY SPECIAL welcome to Follower -

Number ONEeeeee - HUNnnnDREeeeeed...

In this special occasion I´ll say - Welcome Mr. Steve Strathbran,
you the lucky follower #100.....

Thank you for joining the CAY BROENDUM SPARE TIME Blog,
and congratulation from all of us.


By the way Steve has a lot of cool stuff goin´on!

Check out Indian Stroker Scout.Blogs


Steve Strathbran Speedshop.Blog
Great illustrated logo there...

Welcome again Steve, and keep it up on the Blogspots

Art on Wheels

Doesn´t get much better than this... Lovely

36 Knuckel from BornLoserMc.Blog


I Quoted Mr. Mark Twain in last Post: Naked people have little or no influence on society.

Mr. Twain is properly right! - And then again.....
I must say, some people have a very strong influence on important decisions when they are naked....

Jan 27, 2010

The Messageboard

A fast photo of my messageboard -

Looks like the good Ol´cocktail still rocks the cradle - Chicks, Bikes &
Rock N´Roll....

Jan 26, 2010

Jaguar SUPER 5

Not so many people are aware of Jaguar XJS interior
fits like a glove, in a Renault Super 5...

But it does!
And why do I know this kind of unimportant information concerning 2 cars from the 80th that most people happily forgotten all about....

Well! - I needed some new seats for my Renault 5 you see here -
and why not use a little "cat" skin to make it more cozy....

Now i just need to change the radio into a fireplace...

Jan 24, 2010

The City to Visit

My latest painting (Højbro Plads 1890-2010) is a scenery from Copenhagen, and having mentioned Copenhagen, I noticed this -

Copenhagen is #5 on the New York Times 2010 Where 2 Go list. great!
Congratulation to Cph...

Even Skt. Hans Torv/Skt. Hans square, AKA my front door, and my old bicycle in the corner there! is mentioned. Yeahhh Funky

In that occation I´ll show you an 2002 painting I made from the square.

The painting are enjoying itself in Switzerland these days, owned by a collector.

This is what New York Times wrights about our town.

5. Copenhagen

As thousands of environmentalists heckled world leaders in Copenhagen last month for the climate summit, a solitary unifying note could be heard amid the cacophony of discord: the Danish capital has already emerged as one of the world’s greenest — and maybe coolest — cities.

Copenhageners don’t simply preach the “progressive city” ethos, they live it. Long, flat urban thoroughfares are hemmed with bicycle paths where locals glide around the city, tourists saddle up on the free bikes that dot the city center, and fashion bloggers take notes on the latest cycle chic (see copenhagencyclechic.com). Over in the harbor district, a public bath at Osterbro, due to open in 2010, will complement the two swimming areas set off on Copenhagen’s inner harbor, a formerly polluted waterway recently transformed into the city’s summertime hub.

Away from all the modernism and the happy cyclists, cultural thrill-seekers are being coaxed to the once dangerous district of Norrebro, which has arguably become Copenhagen’s edgiest hub. A heady mix of hipsters, students and immigrants mingle in the cafes and galleries around the district’s focal square, Sankt Hans Torv, and the city’s young and excitable night owls can be found dancing in local clubs until the early hours. — Benji Lanyado

Full artickel klick here.

I can only say - saddle up and come visit us this summer.

Don´t forget to bring your camera...


Jan 18, 2010

Traveling Back in Time -

A new painting is on its way.

The motif I´m doing is a modern version of a old Paul Fischer painting
(Højbro Plads - Copenhagen) from 1890.
Its work on commission so the format has changed a little from the original.

This is the Original painting is from the Danish artist Paul Fischer 1860 - 1935.

Notice the building in the Back, no roof cause the building burned in 1886.

Before I started the painting I made a quick time travel back 100 year to the center of Copenhagen to do some research before I started up on the painting.

Then I discovered - Something just don´t change in our town..

The traffic is still heavy in the streets, just like today.

People are still getting tattooed

And we are still having a party when it´s possible....
That hasn´t changed for sure.

This square is Højbroplads Cph.
Same square the Fischer Painting are made on.
This photo is from 1918 and if you notice the tower on Christians Borg (one of the main buildings in Cph) it´s being rebuild after the fire i mentioned before in 1886

If you look at this picture i took yesterday, you can see they have not finished the work on the tower yet....

You know why?!

Cheers buddy...

Come Ooooon - you can Do It! One more and then we go back to work....


Old photos taken from the book Københavnerliv.
See/buy the book here

Jan 17, 2010

Time to Relax

Kick off your shoes, enjoy your favorite easy chair - and listen to the devils music....

Some snaps from the Studio.

The Black Slingle Bobber

Made this illustration for my god friend and Killer Bobber Morten B.
Ink and bruch on old paper.

Jan 12, 2010

Everything will be Okay in the End.

My latest painting finished today.

Everything will be okay in the end.
If it´s not okay, it´s not the end...

See the painting on the official site here

Jan 7, 2010

Mesdames et Messieurs - Show Time

Time for a little Slide Show of Life

From the amazing photographer Wayne Shoenfeld

Life beats down and crushes the soul -
and art reminds you that you have one
/:Stella Adler

Thanks for Visiting - Come back Soon