Mar 30, 2010

The Nexe Generation

Enjoy it while you can!

One of my good friends sold his Amazing 1937 Knuckelhead -
another friend of mine bought it!

Like the Patek Philippe advertisement for there luxury watches, once said:

You never actually own it! - you merely take care of it for the next generation....

So enjoy it while you can.

Mar 28, 2010

Layout of the Day..

A Layout I made for my Panhead. Soon the bike is ready for first run this year....

Mar 21, 2010

The Art of The Motorcycle

One of my motorcycle illutrations now framed!

More Here.

Spring - in mind!

It´s still a little early to say it´s Springtime in Copenhagen...

But we are ready! -

meanwhile in my workshop I´m experimenting with gasoline and brake cleaner, added a little Motip spray paint and some Absinte - woooohhhhh it´s gonna´be a great spring.... for suureeelll

Why is there a white clown on the bottle BTW????....


(Painting by Cay: N7 -sold)

(Painting by Ron English)

Mar 12, 2010

Thanks God it´s Friday

CUT!!!! -

Will somebody please tell those bikes to stand still....

And - Action...

pisc. from Le Container

And bonus information:
It wasn´t climate changes, that killed the dinosaures.....

so don´t fear...

Mar 10, 2010

The Church of Choppers

A lot of Cool, dark and evil pics. on Church of Choppers. more fun Here


Great colors, great bikes...


Made these sticker graphics once for my freinds @ the Wrenchmonkees.
Just found them by a coincidence.

If any one of you out there, need a graphic or a logo, please let me know I´ll make you one.

*****All included and - world wide delivery

My Old logo - 1/2 Von Dutch 3/4 Coca-Cola, mixed together with a little Peugeot Lion and lime...

Made these graphice to as an example. inspiration: The swann chair by Arne Jacobsen.

this was another example i made, this time I included the Wall!

S&S and 66X

We must believe -

if we do, we will succeed....

- got a "new" old Smith & Stanley (S&S) Super B carburetor for my Panhead.

Hopefully it will show me the way...

made this little graphic that I will spray paint on the gastank.


And, no less than Mr. Co. Cal Chopper Dave are these days working on a very special air filter for the carb!

Carsted in alu, plated in brass - and named after the!!! - 66X

This will be so very sweet....

Mar 9, 2010

Beware of plants!

Inspired by the Street Art post below I illustrated this "plant" on a piece of cardboard, and made a good old fashioned cut-out Stencil.

That´s a lot of years since i experimented with that. This test is spray painted on the workshop wall .

Pour on some gasoline and it will grow...

Don´t mind the Climate - Beware of Plants...

BTW: If you live in Copenhagen, I´ll offer you one of these "meat eating wall Flowers" right on your wall. You decide were I paint it, I decide the color and cost... IF you live anywhere sunny or even better - In L.A. the "Wall Flower Power" piece is free, if you pay for my plane ticker and a sandwich.....


Having OBEY on my favorite list. I´ll say Banksy to.

UK street artist Mr. Banksy´s work, is fantastic.
It´s fun, cool, it works with the surroundings.

Its has value, and is great contemporary art.

And even more cool.
Banksy rights on his site following:

Banksy does not endorse or profit from the sale of greeting cards, mugs, tshirts, photo canvases etc. Banksy is not on Facebook,
Myspace, Twitter or Gaydar.
Banksy is not represented by any form of commercial art gallery.

See more Banksy Here

Mar 8, 2010


Shepard Fairey send me a bunch of great new OBEY stickers.
Always Cool work.

Thanks Shepard.

The Bonneville Salt Crackter Indian

A visit to my good friend Dr. Nielsen´s garage.

Fantastic work in progress, and soon ready for the flats.
Nice color and great details.

see more Here