Apr 29, 2013

Apr 26, 2013


The countdown in on!
NEXT FRIDAY there will be a small Vintage Rolex Art Exhibition with my latest work.

The exhibition will this time only be hosted online, on a International Forum.
If you want to be the first to see the new work, go to the Vintage Rolex Forum on FB HERE

Later next week the work will also be shown here of cause.

Look forward to show you Vintage Rolex Passion with Pen, Ink, and Paper

New Vintage Rolex Artwork by Cay

Apr 18, 2013

Greenwich Mean Time - GMT

5 new Vintage Rolex Mixed Media are soon to be ready.

2 x GMT

This time I´ll launch the "online art-exhibition" on the international Vintage Rolex Forum on FB a couple of weeks from now.

If you like vintage time pieces and want to be the first to see the work, join the FB forum HERE

or visit my official page for more info. prices etc. HERE

More to come -

Apr 12, 2013

Paint & Old Brass

Found these super cool old/antiques brass sign stencils.
They have been used in the Ol´ days to paint wooden vine and sherry boxes.

It´s gonna´ be fantastic to use them again.

Apr 8, 2013

Copenhagen - Paris

A friend of mine will race his custom Solex in the Streets of Paris this spring.

I had the privilege to SOLEX paint the extra mounted gas tank.

Look out - Watch out!