May 26, 2009

BMX in the sky.

Visited the JamesVilleCustom-Shop the other day. Sitting in there sofa, looking at there stuff, I had this feeling - I´v seen this before......

May 22, 2009


How Fun! - Just realized that my old skateboard hero Stevie Caballero is making Hot Rod and Bike art these days...I actually still have this old Powell "Tail Cut" Caballero standing as a "art pice" in my hall way. The board is from my Skating Hay-Days in the late 80´s.. .Only god knows why, I painted Zebra stripes over the cool Cab dragon graphic...dam... But Hey! Zebra´s was properly hot back then... The board is equipped with NOS Tracker Trucks, and purpel Street Bones Cubes...uuhhhh sweet 80´s

Here´s the Caballero picture i "bloged" into. Check out his stuff - Here.

May 20, 2009

Stewart Warner

Talking about Stewart Warner and Old style Speedo´s - I made this Painting (Acrylic and Oil on canvas H55 x 50 cm) for my good friend Johnny´s birthday. Thank´s again Old Stewart for the inspiration.

Speedo - Stewart Wannabe

Wanted a speedo for the Panhead, so my friend Allan (KillerBobbers) gave me a Tombstone speedo. I made a new 1-12 Mph graphic and printed it on a folio, mounted that on the back side of the glass, painted white, and piele of the folio. The base plate is painted metallic brown. I kept the needle 100% plastic orange... Pure Old Style Stewart Warner Wannabe ....Custom Custom hell yeah...

The Tombstone Speedo.

May 18, 2009


Ok! - Last week I was on Google, surfing Vintage Board Track Bike etc. And then! - This picture shows up -

this is just 2 cool 4 school... I feel like that guy - I am that guy!... but I don´t have a Race Bike like that guy!... Immediatly I realized, that I needed to make a cool vintage racer for the streets of Copenhagen - now today. Our city is actually one of the worlds best City´s for bicycling.(check Copenhagenize) and learn why. N.Y, London etc. is trying to copy our bike policy big time, I can only recommend that. It´s Green it´s healthy, and there´s a lot of chicks in the bike lane...


What to do!? - I track down the coolest Bike shop in Copenhagen! That shop happens too be 2 streets away from me. Nice.... And it´s even called Track Bike Shop. Mostly they do Fixies etc. Nice trend ( if your acrobatic!) and if you like colors - ( And we do that...) They sold me some real cool parts, for my build. But no Fixie hub, thanx! - this is a "Speedster" project.... I took an old Viva lightwaight frame,(Good for a beginner) chopped everything off, mounted Velocity rims, Soma drop bar, and San Marco Regal suede seat (uhhhhh) nice one. But most important! the rear hub i a traditional Sram T3 (3 speed hub) the front drive is a huge mother Fu**** 52T and 16T on the back. That makes the drive on the bike very heavy and fast. The trigger shifter is a classic Old Style Sturmey-Archer - of cause....

This paint job was Rattelcans in the back yard. A colors a mix of New race and Old Style.

MMMMMMMM MOTIP. Shake and Inhale....

Thank´s for the hat by the way. (Track Shop)

Everything is hand painted on the frame. No stickers - No folio!

SPEEDSTER Race Track Bike # 1


Actually! I´ve done quite some research on new and old bikes, and frames. I honestly! I wonder why no one "out there" is making any cool retro inspired frames. Even expensive frames are mostly one color with a boring folio logo. Come on!!!!.... Let´s do some crazy stuff on those frames with pinstripes, nice done details and everything....

SO! if you´r a big time Bike manufacture, and you´r hard on selling the shit, but don´t know that Red & Yellow makes Orange, and that goes fine with green... well - drop me a mail...-

That´s it folks!


May 6, 2009

Pin Up

Pin Up Girls, Rods and old Planes, goes together like Horse and Carriage.. I made this Pin up Illustration to our friends at the English Bike related Garage Club (Den Glade Enke) It´s possible to buy this Pin Up illu´printed on black Tees. contact:

May 5, 2009


Moen (Mr. Indian Parts Europe) the man to ask! - he just knows stuff... Indians, Triumph, and Harleys, and he got a bunch of cool spareparts and stuff for sale. Moen is actually selling his Hot Rod - Goooooo. I made the Red IPE Logo for him.

The Salt Cracker

My friend Lars i building this Blower Indian, made for the Bonneville Salt lake race this year. What a project - Amazing. I Designed the SALT CRACKER logo, and salut to the color combi. WE LOVE YELLOW and GT stripes as well.

"French Antique" Grenade vase

I bought this old empty grenade on a fleemarked and painted it like a old French porcelain vase. I mounted a light pulp and there we go! - a Boom lamp for the girlfriend..

May 4, 2009

Visit 2 Los Angeles

Went to L.A a while ago - ohh my ohhhhhh myyy - go back, got to go back...They have all the parts we want, all the sun we need, and all the crappy foot we hate. Nice nice nice.

Sponsor Trucker from the guys at Foundrymoto they have so many cool parts, check there web. Oh my lord - take this rear lamp exc. Jezuz!
Joined the Great David Mann chopper fest in Ventura... Fuck you - heaven on earth. Check this. Painting & Bike setup - great harmony.....Sell your tele (its old fasioned anyway to watch that crap) I´ll make you a nice wall paint, and you bring the bike right in to the living room.

These tanks is from Sara Ray I spoke to, nice work, super detailed, perfect colored. American Kustom style, Cool with a twist of kitch

This stunning tank, was at display in the Glory store - I told them that I would be very careful, and it was no problem to bring such a fine little old painted Wosel tank with me in the handbagage to denmark... Yes - but No..... wish it was mine, big time...

If you ever are near 4659 Hollywood Blvd check out the store GLORY. store. Absolutly fantastico, we need stores like that in stead of all those boring Coffee shops, we have on every corner here in Cph.

This is from the Mooneyes meet. You can drive these Rod´s every day to school, work or shopping. They don´t use more gas than a Yaris, and they are all street legal...And you even do the colouring yourselv.

stars and stripes

This is a super Cool outfit. Funky Love it - Make a seat, a chair or a sofa out of something similare. Über cool..
Love my new Flake "globe" by the way.... super condition, with new linning. Uhhhh Sailor Jerry style....


A quick photoshop sketch I made - for! I don´t know... a poster maby!

Sunset Blvd. Bike Painting

This painting is inspired from a trip to L.A.

Work under progress, in the Atelier

The painting Sunset Blvd. is size: H135 xW180 cm. Painted with Acrylic & Oil on canvas.
The Painting are up 4 $ALE.

Please contact:
or visit my official website

Ready 2 paint

My Panhead - Ready to Paint.

Dice magazine artickel

My Panhead featured in Dice Magazine.

Gastank paint by Cay

I do a lot of lettering and striping for my good friends at Wrenchmonkees

Experiments with my new 0000 mac wizard brush.

My 1949 Panhead Bobber as it looks today.

When I put a Keihin CV cab on my bike i wanted a Oldstyle logo on it. Unfortunately there don´t exist a cool oldstyle logo so i made this up. This is painted with help from a Mac cut folio. that´s why it looks to much like a sticker....

Caltex and STP logo hand painted. Painted with hand cut folio (air brush) and Motip spray paint.

I painted this Gold and sand, with a home invented orange scallop. The Edelbrock Equipped and Caltex logo was hand painted. No sticker no folio.. Old school style

My Panhead waiting for new colors.

This 3,5 gallon tank I rattelcan painted and pinstriped. The green logo was hand cut in folio and painted on.

I rattelcan painted most of this 3,5 gallon, but also a little pinstriping on the scallops and a 24 carat gold logo was added under the 5 layers of clear coat. All hand made.

One more tank I made in Old style look. 1930 Bird graphic on a 3,5 gallon.

This tank i´v painted, patinated and made it rust, before it got a layer of wax. The tank was new.