Apr 28, 2012

The Maharaja´s Tiger

I want to go to India -

Cause I like to have a talk with the man, who has a tiger in a Aquarium....

But first  I ´ll finish up my work on latest painting (The Maharaja´s Tiger) have a Chartreuse and a coffee Suprém Arabica .

Apr 25, 2012

Classic Scallops

 My friend Jens build a great new gastank for his great great Panhead.

As I prefer white canvas for a paintings,
I prefer painting on black when it comes to motorcycles.

 sketching the scallops with a white pencil.

 Tape Tape Tape -

 Paint paint - dark red.

 Then a ivory-white pinstripe - and double bright red stripe on the front rim.


Free style - Pinstriping

Another great custom chopped gastanks, mounted om HT Knuckel - again perfect base "color" Black.

Why black is so perfect to paint on, is because all colors will look good on a black tank.

So you can´t miss... Even if you color blind like me...

 Free hand green pinstripes by Cay

A Night at Biker Mansion

 Relaxing atmosphere in Copenhagen this night.

 KillerBobbers Garage.

 And a classic Playboy statement....

Apr 24, 2012

New Works In Progress

New sketches from my scrapbook.

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.

Quote:Twyla Tharp

Apr 23, 2012

Oceans of Time

My latest Painting: Oceans of Time (SOLD)

Not really that I can say I have oceans of time....

But for sure I like the ocean,
keeping time, and reliable time keepers.
So I don´t spend all time staring at the ocean...

The future is something which everyone reaches
at the rate of 60 minutes an hour,
whatever he does, whoever he is.

Quote: C. S. Lewis

More art for Cay HERE

Apr 20, 2012

Add Gasoline -

My Latest painting.
This one is made on request for a major gasoline company in Denmark.

Love to add gasoline to stuff...

More new painting´s on the way - so stay tuned....

Apr 13, 2012

The Arrival

Citroen 2CV is a great car for an Artist or an Agent...

It has that happy feeling attached to it!

I paint you! - you paint me! - or, i'm just under cover baby - don´t worry...

I have always wanted a yellow one - now i want a black one.

I think that combine the Artist and Agent look, in a good way...

Photo: Laurent Nivalle more HERE