Nov 29, 2009

A different point of view!

Like you, I was on the web the other day, scrolling all kind of cool Blogs. Then suddenly I hit the Saatchi Gallery book store, and before I know of it - klick, klick, buy... ups!

And then forget. - ZZZZZzzzzzzzz

Some days later the post man shows up with this package! My first thought - Interesting! a gift! from who! And when I opened, I realized the Happy Santa that buy books cause he like the cover - was me... Damn

Klick Klick Buy - can be risky and expencive, but this time I was more than lucky...

First thing - It´s not only the cover that´s cool - the back´s to...

And the stuff inside is even better -

Now -

I know if you a Bad Ass Biker - and everything goes to the bone! You probably think, Arrrrgh that Arty Farty Abstract Coffee´Table Book shit.... That´s not for people with oiled hands - but you´r wrong bruv..... check this out


And the Burn out result!
The artist Aaron Young even call this GREETING CARD. sweet!
Go out and practice the perfect greeting card in your neighbores drive way.

You can also make a "burn out angle" like this on your front or garage door... Eventually ask the neighbor again if they want to give a hand...
Also from Aaron. Title: The Young and The Driftless...

This super cool race crash painting is by Kristin Baker. Title: Big Bang Vroom

And this painting reminds me of a home made wiring diagram!
By Joanne Greenbaum Title: Table of contents.

Road Kill Charles Bronson painting is called Flood (red sea) well of cause!
By Barnaby Furnas

and this one would be great for a flake paint job on a 60th chopper tank.
Art by Eric & Heather Chanschatz

I´ll say, this Art book is worth a bikers table.

Abstract America: New Painting. From Saatchi Gallery

Nov 28, 2009

Isle of Man 1979

My good friend Søren dropped by with this awesome Ducati 900SS.

It appears to be the legend John Oldfield old race bike. He drove this piece of machinery in the Isle of Man Challenge of june 1979. - pretty cool I think.

The Duc`s in perfect condition, it just needed a little driver tag on the sheild.
So I stir some paint and made some classic hand lettering.

and a couple of hand painted logos on the rear.

Dellorto carb and Campagnolo rims etc. ect.
more info about the Ducati here.

Look forward to see that one hammer down the road this spring...

Nov 22, 2009

Motorcycle Art

This is a seria of Motor cycle Art that I´m Working on.

Found a bunch of old papers from the 1960.
They are German instruction for some kind of Industrial machinery.
The instructions papers are interesting and all tell something different.
The machine they tell us about are all gone, and so are the old danish company where i found the papers in a ruin (Dansk Soyakagefabrik A/s) 1918-1991)

Now the papers will have a different use. They are becoming small art piecesmade the old style way - Ink, prush and watercolor.

Interested in artwork like this!

Check out what´s up for sale:  HERE

NOTE: I send worldwide


Racing Mustang

Pisc. from The Pony Car Wars 1966 - 1972 by Dave Friedmann

To the Moon and Back

Went on at ride this weekend - to the moon and back....

Nov 19, 2009

A little sip and you´r ready....

We know it - and it´s coming even before you close to ready...

Yes - it´s time for the annual Christmas party season,
it´s time to have a sip, a snack and a bite....

It´s time to leave the car, the wife , the kids, the phone (all up to you to decide.) at home...

Bon appetit.

In the name of science...

A meeting in the name of science - and what it takes....

(from my sketchbook)

Nov 18, 2009

Speed up the Colors

Work in progress. Latest colorful painting

And BTW, I miss colorful cars with hood ornaments...

If I was a car manufacture and my sales team told me that people these days want to be individuals, and want to show Individual trends, and bla bla bla!

I would make cars in colors, with ornamentation. As simple as that....

If the customer then came and said: Whaooo that´s a cool car - do you have it in navy blue or maybe black, and without the funny birdy thing on the hood.....
I would smile and tell them: I´m sorry my freind - We don´t sell cars! - we sell experiences. What you´r looking for - they´ll properly sell down the road - look for IKEA

Unfortunately most of the car industry, has gone the other way, and try to give people what people want.
If that´s the winning strategy I don´t know!

But I do know most people don´t know what they want - until they see it.
And people who knows what they want, normally don´t want the same as everybody else.

Simple as that! - Speed up the Colors and Bring back some Coolness please

From the sketchbook.

Nov 16, 2009

So much to do - So little time.

I disagree with folks that think Monday is the worst day in the week.

If they have that feeling, I´ll strongly suggest them to quit whatever they do on Monday´s...
- But I´ll agree, it´s probably the most difficult day to maintain concentration...

So, if you want to change your Mondays - do that on a Tuesday...

Got to find a place like this - some day....sweet!

Some day oh yeah, some day....

Back to work....