Oct 19, 2009

The Sketchbooks

A quick look through my sketchbooks

Like farther - like son...

My old man had a MG (SA Saloon) like this one in pale yellow in 1948 - a shame he sold it, before I had the opportunity to chop it to a ROD...

Paris 1953. The days when you went smoking and family shopping on your bike - like everybody else...Check the kid with the shades! 2 cool 4 school.....

The first Panhead I had a crush/ride on: The "flame swine" with a Porn Deluxe decal on the oiltank - Damn! That was porn deluxe... you never forget your first ride on 1200

Oct 16, 2009

Garage sign POP

Some days change radically, and sometimes your workschedule to!

Like today! I planed to work on a customer painting, and then suddenly I get this idea.... I need gasoline signs on my new garage door...
The fastest way to get something like that, is to paint them. So I go out and find some plywood, and start painting. While I´m working on the signs I think of the last post I made (below: Warhol og Jagger) and then it hits me.... my garage signs are gone POP art style....

Well - why not! Always like Pop art

The Mobilgas SPECIAL - AEROSHELL, POP art garage-signs in the fantastic Palma Nova showroom.

The piece are up 4 $ALE.
price on request.
Please contact cay@caybroendum.com

Oct 15, 2009

21st April, 1969

What i like in this letter from Mick Jagger to Mr. Andy Warhol is the following phrases:

I leave it in your capable hands to do what ever you want.......and please write back saying how much money you would like.


How great!

Pic./Letter from Le Container

Oct 14, 2009

Grass Bug

This Bug is one om my first memories of a car i wanted, I was on display in the garden of the Danish the art museum Louisiana, back in the late 70th. I wanted that Bug more than a puppy....

Oct 10, 2009

Sun, Bronze & Old cars

Last time on road N7 - down the French Riviera, I bumped into this old 2CV!
What a place for retirement....

Same day this bronze Bugatti made a great impression on me.
A 1:1 size Bronze Bugatti type 35... yes please...in my living room! - yes please.
Or in the garden that I don´t have, would be great to...
But the main idea when i left, was to go home and make a 1:1 Bronze Harley Bobber .... That will hopefully be realized some day in the future...