Jun 27, 2012

Pin Up´s N´ Fun

People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.

Quote: Dale Carnegie

 Cay "One Shot" Painting a Pin Up impulsively on Kristina ´s Triumph.

Work in progress -

an hour later - Work Done.

 The original artwork I made for the Garage Club - Den Galde Enke.
T-Shirts etc. HERE

Paint - Bike - and ready to Go!

Jun 3, 2012

New Artwork / Mixed Media by Cay

Some new Mixed Media have seen dawn of day.

Here in Europe Rolex upgraded all there prices 10% this Friday!

Wupti - from one day to another,  all watch models old as new - 10% more expensive...

I must say I admire Rolex.
So few companies in the world can get away with that, without loosing customers... And they do it every year.

But hey - I think Rolex have a good point.
If You Don´t Buy Now! - It will only get more Expensive...

Brilliant idea :-) from today  i´ll follow Rolex revaluations...
Congratulations to all of you who already have bought a Cay Brøndum Art Work. Your "investment" has just raised 10%...

To all of you who think of buying a new Cay Brøndum Art Work - hurry up... Before you know of it, the price is 10% up again....

MoonWalk - - Omega Speedmaster moonwatch.


Steve McQueen - Sebring - Rolex 5513


 007 - Submariner 6538


Footstep - Omega Speedmaster moonwatch
Contact Sales at: cay@caybroendum.com

4 $ALE - $650 or €520

All Mixed Media are: Ink, watercolor and print on old paper.
Size. 29x21 cm / 11,5x8,2 Inch

Incl. a Black Frame / without Frame 10% discount

$650 or €520

All costs, being customs, VAT or other payment due to import,
including fees to courier, are to be covered by the buyer.

More Mixed media HERE

Keep the Dream Alive -


What a absolutely stunning car, in the perfect environment...

Keep the Dream Alive

Coco Chanel