Jun 29, 2009

Temple of Enthusiasm

Deus Ex machina, ( Down Under - AU). looks like the place to be - and work.

Cool motorcycles, bikes and a lot of great accessories. No wonder they call it the Temple of Enthusiasm... Some day we´ll hopefully have a place like that i Copenhagen. Looks absolutely fantastic.


Jun 26, 2009

The skating HayDays of the 80´s

The Cubes wheels are back! - Skate Kids around Copenhagen has finally seen the light! - Large and soft 95A cubes on the boards. The look is cooler, the sound is better...

Working on a littte side project. Re painting a old 10" board and then mounting my NOS Lightwaight Tracker SXtrack - NOS red Tracker Copers - Nos 80´s Sims "The Wheel" etc. All the best parts from back then.

Jun 22, 2009

Colors or Black/White

After the PininFarina Post, I just thought how important it is that you do something you good at. Imagine that a pity it would have been if PininFarina haven´t given us those Beautiful, elegant and functional cars! So again! go ahead, do it - but a WARNING: if you don´t a the slightest clue about color matching please be careful, wrong color sync can cause headache to you and others, it may harm your surroundings and do a lot of damage to.

So, In doubt! - don´t....
Contact professionals....or use black or white...

Cay after finishing painting Chinese New Year

BTW: Thanks for the comment Actionsoul

People ask - that is it with those colored glasses! -
I can only say, I have these L.A eyeworks in all different colors, and why!
I´ll tell you.
Sometimes you not the master of choosing and setting the colors. Sometime you are invited to places with all white walls, white funiture, and minimalistic white tiny deco stuff. White, white, clean, clean, and clean. ZZZZZZZzzzzz that´s so boring. BUT HEY! then you pull out your colored shades and they helps you through the night...


PininFarina All-Time hero

Some of you know what i´m talking about. When you see a car, and you suddenly have that OHH MY feeling... Your eyes are glued to the shapes and colors, and time stands still.
After a while when you start breeding again, and blood runs to the head, you think - I must have one of those, otherwise I´ll never sleep again... But in real life only a very few of us have one of those cars. So to make you sleep again, I can tell you, that those who have them, don´t really "have" them. They just take care of them - for a while....

PininFarina was capable to create and combine cars and colors, that gives us that amazing feeling. No matter of age, bagground or skin color. Thats why he´s deffenatly a ALL-TIME HERO..

Quote: PininFarina
It´s a matter of taste, a matter of proportion, a matter of good sence, a matter of harmony, a matter of balance between colours - something you have in your heart. Quote: PininFarina.

Jun 20, 2009


Remember that one! If you don´t I can tell you they make them on demand these days.


How more oveously is it to name the next bicycle build SPORTSTER (1 gear) - when the first was called SPEEDSTER (3 gear)... And suddenly there´s only one way to end this custom colored project! Make it a´ trilogy and call the last bicycle build a ROADSTER (2 duomatic gear)

Then I´ll promish you to start building something els.....

But until then: Here the SPORTSTER´s final color sketch.

Some of you Biker folks proberly remenber the awesome AMF Harley-Davidson gastanks from the 70´s

Parts small line ud. All hubs are NOS. Just found a very nice French Malliard front hub with 1984 ingarved on it. Never been used. Chance the fat in the berings, polish it, and you got a small piece.

Volocity rims from the Track Shop

Parking Graphics

I didn´t paint these, but what a great way to paint info signs. We got to experiment a little more with that technic.

Bobber skulpture

A little snack from the archive.

Jun 18, 2009


I made a fast photomanipulation - As I sat there wondering... GorillaPunch....Huuuummmm

The Gorilla-Punch Bike made by the danish Wrenchmonkees. Excellent! A retro modern super-bike as good as it gets...and it´s even 4 $ALE.....

Wrenchmonkees Illustration

Made an experimental test graphic/add for my freinds @ wrenchmonkees. Check out there new Pisc. on there WRENCHMONKEES blog. Always nice and worth a look.

Jun 16, 2009

There´s light i the Harley Springer!

This is my old Harley-Davidson springer lamp. Honestly it has been packed away for some time now, mostly because I needed some space for other creative projects. Then i realized the photo I took over a year ago is rapidly spreading through the internet Blogs. Honestly I almost forgot I made that lamp - and that´s a shame.

Thanks to you Bloggers out there the lamp is back, now in company with my latest painting. Littel boy looking for gas - or some will say - enjoying the smell of gas etc...

Your´ll find the painting on my official web site here.

Old Springer Lamp photo.


Jun 14, 2009

TORPEDO Duomatic

The project is on - Make a Killer Uban bike, better than The Boardtrack SPEEDSTER

The new drawings and first parts, are on my desk.

It has to be even more basic, than the 3 Speed-Speedster, that means the nice Sturmey-Archer Trigger shifter must go. Sad but true!
Goodbuy to the trigger and 3 speed SRAM T3 and, hello to the TORPEDO-Duomatic (kick back 2 speed hub) -

unfortunately that one has not been produced for over 20 years!
That´s a shame! truely, I find the hub and idea just perfect for Urban bikes.

And I´m not the only one with that hub/bike combination in mind - look at this guy.

Even the bike company Pashley have given the Duomatic thought - thums up! creating this cool looking vintage racer.


Untill the Bike manufactures will see the "2 speed light", and let the DUROMATIC - RISE FROM THE ASHES...

We can only wish and search the web. - and after a little hunt Uhhhhhhhh Yeah - bingo!

I discovered this hidden treasure in Holland.

Look who they shine ***$$*BLING BLING $$ new old stock Duomatic´s . never been used*** Wooooouuuu...

And here´s what the lucky owner Marco right about it:

I got a lot of contact over the last weeks via the hubstripping page. There is unbelivable amount of persons who are interested in hubs! I got in contact with a hub freak in Germany. He offered me a few dozen Fichtel & Sachs Torpedo Duomatic and Automatic hubs with 36 spoke holes. He got them by a german bicycle maufacturer who stored them in his cellar stock since 1981.

There were two aspects who influenced me:
- Diversifing my retirement arrangement
- Hub fetish

Since one week I´am the owner of 100 Sachs Duomatic and 50 Sachs Automatic (red version) hubs 36 holes!

Details will follow in a seperate post. My idea is to sell them via Hubstripping.com!

Gruß Marco.

Jun 10, 2009

Back To the Future

Doc: The only power source capable of generating 1.21 gigawatts of electricity is a bolt of lightning.


Doc: A bolt of lightning! Unfortunately, you never know when or where it's ever going to strike!

KKKRRRAAAAAZZZAAAMMMMMM - Latest project has just hit the workshop! A striking and absoutly amazing 59,5 cm Columbus Racing frame in Exelent NOS condition. Never been mounted. Painted some time in the 80´s.

Let´s throw it into the flux-capacitor.....

Jun 9, 2009

Drag Race - Comfort

A tip to a cool look and a better comfort, when Street Racing....

Honestly! - It doesn´t go faster with this tire, but it sure look like you´r ready to Burn Out... I put the Schwalpe KOJAK slick (700x35)on the Speedster bike to give a little more streets comfort.

Black rims, Red stripe, White lettering! Good Old American racing look.

We love it - And for sure also the name - KOJAK.....

Jun 7, 2009


I´m doing this large scale painting for a new cool fashion store i Copenhagen.
It´s a modern version of the famost old Krøyer painting Hip Hip Hurra from 1888.
In my version of this great party painting, we see the guys are slightly more red in the faces. Why! - they have been saluting and drinking for 121 years now....

The new store´s called MENTOR - (Opening 1st of August in Hyskenstræde KBH)
They sell our all time favorite shoe - the beloved Chuck Tailor ALL*STAR - since 1908..

Cheers To Mentor, Chuck and Krøyer.

Jun 6, 2009

A closer look

Let´s take a closer look at my Panhead -

Key! - keychain!

In the keychain there´s small silver dog tag with the 4Cs engraved, it´s made by the famous Danish silver smith George Jensen! Once I worked for the George Jensen PR department, creating some creative creativityes! - After the job they gave me this little tag as a bonus! How Sweet!...

But what do you do with a tag like this!???? Put it in the keychain next to the dices - but what does it say!?



1) COMMITMENT: Go to Vegas with all your money.
2) CAPABILITY: Find a sweet looking lady, filed with luck.

Let the dice rock n´roll - and when the snake eyes doesn´t appear!....

4) COURAGE: Take your chips back - and look like nothing happened...