Oct 31, 2016

the SPEEDMASTER - MOON artwork

 New Speedmaster Artwork by Cay Broendum.

 Available in to sizes. For more visit official site:

 Omega Speedmaster-MOON artwork

Watch ref.145.012

Read full report on

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Aug 31, 2016

Tempus-Machina 216A vs Romeo & Juliet

 New Custom "Historic Horological Art-work" By Cay Broendum.

The 216A Tempus-machina Watch overpainted by Cay Broendum on a Satin Canvas print of Romeo & Juliet by Sir Frank Dicksee.

 Action in the studio:
Final artwork: The 216A watch is painted "on top" of a modern Rolex Submariner to give it a unique modern Vintage look. So to speak with this artwork - also created on top of a nother artwork, to gain something you like or hate.


Aug 23, 2016

*NEW* Rolex Artworks from Cay Broendum

*NEW* Artworks ready and on stock - ROLEX GMT and 5513 Gilt.

 Rolex GMT "sky" and 5513 Gilt "Gulf letter

Printed on Aluminium plates. Numbered and Signed by Cay Broendum.

Size: 24x31cm / 9,5x12,2 Inch.

Printed on (3 mm / 0,4 Inch) Aluminium plates in Denmark.

Price: €190 shipped. (on stock)

PAYMENT: Bank Wire
Contact: cay@caybroendum.com

Aug 15, 2016

Historic Horological Art

Historic Horological Art by Cay Broendum
Follow on Instagram: @historic_horological_art



Aug 12, 2016

Where´s the Moon - Man?

new painting from Cay Broendum. ( where's the Moon - Man? )
140x160. Cm - acrylic and oil on canvas.
4 $ALE soon. More on official web. CayBroendum.com

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Jul 22, 2016

Speedy Watches

 If you like history, watches, space travel and the moonlanding.
You can now read the interview "SPEEDY ART" with artist Cay Broendum / Historic Horological Art HERE


 Omega Speedmaster (Brown-Dial) and artwork by Cay Broendum

Jul 11, 2016

Into Space

 Into space with artist Cay Broendum - New artworks: Destination Moon

Jun 16, 2016

No Time for Immortality... NEW painting by Cay

New Large scale painting ready from Cay Broendum - FINALLY...

A little over 4,5 month of waiting / working...

Painting ( No Time for Immortality...)
Size: 200 x 150 cm Oil and Acrylic on canvas by Cay Broendum

Be yourself - Beat yourself... ;)


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