Jul 29, 2010


So my good friend Jens dropped by today with his fantastic V8 Flathead Ford from 1936. With the absolutely fantastic idea! -
let´s paint something on it!

You bet! we can paint something on it...
I LOVE painting on old perfect patinated cars like this.

Work in progress - sketch sketch, paint paint paint

Jens is a Blacksmith so I thought it was obvious to hand letter/paint UNION STEEL (in Gold) on the doors.
The car is for 1936, so we name the street adress: 36 Newbury St. Boston
cause the car was original from - Boston.... of cause!

Now there´s a new story to tell.
And when people ask: Is this really a old Union Steel Service car?

The answer will properly be: Yes it is....

And a beer... salut


Sweet job to do - please bring em´on folkes...


Sunrise Cycle L.A more HERE

This Triumph is truly a winner - awsome style and color.

My congratulations



Jul 28, 2010

Workshop Hangout -

Ass, Grass or Gas... Nobody rides for free!

Kick a Tire - have a Beer...

Wendensday night Killer Bobbers Workshop Copenhagen.

Always good fun.


Jul 23, 2010


- Believe and You Will Succeed.

Photo: Le Container

Painting by Cay: (F1) Oil and Acrylic on canvas W185 x H105 cm. 2002

Jul 17, 2010

Evel Friday BBC

Let´s fire up....

So my friend Kasper asked me -
How cool would it be, if there has a eighties style Evel Knievel painted gas tank under the black coat on my Honda. Then I would sand it down so you could see the stars and everything underneath.
Rough, trashed and everything.

My respond/: Cool for Sure

Kasper/: Can we make it!?

My respond/: For Sure

Kasper/: Now!?

My respond/:Sure

Let´s have a beer - fire up the BBC and start shaking those cans

The Black Honda
The Freestyle Sketch and a Beer -

Freestyle Paint and a Beer -

Freestyle stars and a Beer -

A PERFECT BBC Burger and a Beer - one more burger -

A little more work, smashing up the tank - and a beer...

And then! a couple of hours later - 3,2,1 Flyyyy - ready to takeoff..

A perfect summer night, with a lot of cans, good people and fun..

We LOVE evel toys.....